Quorthon Discography


Album Black Mark Production, BMCD666-9
1994, length 55:22


  1. No More And Never Again
  2. Oh No No
  3. Boy
  4. Major Snooze
  5. Too Little Much Too Late
  6. Crack In My Mirror
  7. Rain
  8. Feather
  9. Relief
  10. Head Over Heels

About release:

All titles: Quorthon
© 1994 Black Mark Production


Purity Of Essence Black Mark Production, BMCD666-13 [2CD]
1997, length 52:38 (CD1) | length 45:24 (CD2)



  1. Rock 'N Roll
  2. I've Had It Coming My Way
  3. When Our Day Is Through
  4. One Of Those Days
  5. Cherrybutt & Firefly
  6. Television
  7. Hit My Head
  8. Hump For Fun
  9. Outta Space
  10. Fade Away
  11. I Want Out
  12. Daddy's Girl
  13. Coming Down In Pieces


  1. Roller Coaster
  2. It's OK
  3. All In All I Know
  4. No Life At All
  5. An Inch Above The Ground
  6. The Notforgettin'
  7. Deep
  8. Label On The Wind
  9. Just The Same
  10. You Just Got To Live

About release:

Recording engineer Rex Luger
Mixing engineer Ronnie Canon
Recorded at The Leach Studio Stockholm Sweden in August 1996
Mixed at The Balistic Quarters Studio Stockholm Sweden in October 1996
Mastered by Peter Dahl at Cutting Room Stocholm Sweden
Album Cover design by Quorthon
All titles by Quorthon except "Rock 'n roll" by Max Jupiter

Quorthon - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Electric Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Bass Guitar, Drums and Percussion, Roland Digital Drums, Keyboards, Mellotron, Dish brushes and FX.

Quorthon plays Gibson electric guitars and electric bass guitars and uses Dean Markley Strings and Jim Dunlop picks while doin' it through a Marshall.

Rex Luger plays keyboards on "One of those days".
Max Jupiter performs "Rock 'n roll" trad. arr.).

This album was made possible thanks to the products of NNP Norrlandspolsa, Discounted Hot Dogs Ltd., Gothia Snus, Svensk Tobak, the Ol' Mac', Coca Cola, Ovation, Snuskburken still rules.....
it's Ravioli-time!!

Quorthon would like to take the opportunity to thank all the countless of Fanzines and Magazines all over the world for your endless support and dedication as well as all the TV stations, radio stations and record stores for having invited me throughtout these incredible years... and of course all the hundreds of thousands of wonderful fans with whom I have proudly had the unsurpassed pleasure to share the past fourteen unforgettable years... and all the guys and dolls with whom I've been drinking, puking, fighting, laughing, crying, writing, playing, partying, dining, headbanging, flying, busing, fucking and even loved or hated.
Thank You!

This album is a product of Sweden.

© 1997 Black Mark Production

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