Twilight: Interview with "The Animal"

Twilight Interviews The Animal, April 2001

What many people don't know is that Bathory actually had a singer for about half a year in 1983, at the time when the band consisted of Ace Shoot (Quorthon) on guitar, Vans on drums and Hanoi on bass. He was known as "The Animal" by his friends and appeared on a few demo tracks back in 1983. Twilight is proud to present, for the first time ever, a short interview with this little known Bathory member...

Quorthon has mentioned in some interview that there actually was a singer in Bathory for a short period of time, but never what his name was. Did you pick a stage name?

Not a stage name, but my friends called me "The Animal". *S* Why I don't know.

OK, The Animal it is then. Now you have a stage name, ha ha. How come you became a member in Bathory?

I don't remember, but I knew Vans and Hanoi so I guess it's through them I joined the band.

How long were you in the band?

Half a year, I got an offer from another band. A bit of a shame, having in mind how well it went for Ace, but to be honest it wasn't really my thing.

I know Bathory did a few gigs between 1983 and 1985. Did you participate in any of the gigs or did you perhaps visit one of them?

Not that I remember, maybe something in Äppelviken in Bromma, but I'm not 100% sure.

Tell me a bit what it was like in those days, in and around Bathory.

*S* Ace was a guy always hungry for pizza, that much I can tell you. We didn't hang around that much, I mainly spent time with Vans and Hanoi. The only band we hung out with was Oz if you remember them.

Have you been following Bathory through the years, listened to the albums and so on?

No, nothing. I remember Ace as a very nice guy though. If you talk to him, send him my best.

I will... There we go then, an interview after 18 years. It's never too late to be a rock star, ha ha. Thanks for answering my questions. All the best!

Same to you.

Interview by the Twilight Webmaster.
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