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A lot of people write to me and ask me about the new album. When it will be released and so on. To satisfie all the fans, including myself of course, who are waiting anxiously, I did a short interview with Quorthon asking a few questions about "Destroyer Of Worlds"...

It's been a while since we heard anything from BATHORY now. What have you been up to?

Well, I have been doing just about everything and nothing, a bit of this and that. Actually I think only on BATHORY when I'm writing material for a new album or when we are actually in the studio working with a new record. BATHORY is like an alter ego. A bit like when Batman slides into his leather.

Having in mind that it's been so long since the last studio album, six years not counting "Blood On Ice" as a new studio album, did you ever think about completing and releasing the original "Requiem" album while we wait for new stuff?

Yes, what about that so called "real" Requiem album. Here's the deal. We did a session many years ago that was never completed, one of the working titles for this recording just happened to be Requiem, but it had absolutely nothing to do with the album that came out later bearing the title "Requiem". None of the tracks on the CD "Requiem" was ever recorded during that aborted session. As a matter of fact, none of the tracks on "Requiem" had even been written back then. I know it may be confusing to a lot of people, but the only thing one needs to think about is the released CD and no more. The aborted session also had other working titles, requiem was just one of many. To this day, there are still people who believes that "Requiem" ( the CD ) hails from that earlier date and that it was put out by the record company to gain some time while we wrote material for "Octagon". This is not true at all. The truth is that when we decided to drop that session, we did it because we felt the material wasn't fresh or good enough. It's not at all fun to realise "Shit, we've done this before". You always want to break some new ground when making a new album. The material from that session needs to be completed and mixed before it can be regarded ready for any form of release. It's not that we have an entire record stored away in a closet somewhere. "Crawl to your Cross" was quickly mixed in under half an hour and released on a Jubileum volume and you get some opinion about the poor quality of that session from that track. Seriously, if I am going to bring those tapes back into the studio and try to have something come out of it I need to feel as a musician and as a composer that this material is worth putting out. That material may only have a marginal historical or affection value because it was recorded by BATHORY. On the other hand, if it wasn't good or even interesting enough to complete back then it might not be worth the effort spending time and money completing it now all these years later, let alone to drag yourself down to a record store to buy. Maybe in the future, who knows. There's a lot of non-released BATHORY material on tape that could also be worked on. One needs to calculate with the must-get factor before any unreleased material is contemplated at all. There is some material from 1984 that hasn't been released, there's some material from 1985, 1986 and so on, that hasn't been released. There's always a reason as to why a certain track wasn't completed or a certain session aborted. Some stuff that sounded unfresh back in 1988 could have a certain affectionvalue to a lot of BATHORY fans, but it may just the same still sound unfresh and then one has got to think about what good it would do to have it released at all.

Moving on to the new album, "Destroyer Of Worlds". We've been waiting for it for six yeras now, like I said. Why the long wait?

The truth is that there is no point in going into a studio to record an album if you don't have anything to say really, no matter how many letters and emails you may receive per day from people who more or less beg you on their knees for a new album. If I was a BATHORY fan ( !? ) I would rather wait a few years on a new BATHORY album that turns out to be a great album, than to have a less good album at once. There hasn't been a new BATHORY album for quite some time and of course there is always a reason for that. One important reason is that BATHORY has covered so many sounds and styles over the years, we first of all had to take certain precautions not to duplicate anything we have done before. Yet, we of course still want to maintain that specific BATHORY atmosphere. When people get to hear "Destroyer of Worlds" at the end of this summer, we want people to be able to say "-This is BATHORY!!" and yet we want to be able to break some new ground as far as the sound and style is concerned. Half of our fan base enjoys the brutal Death metal part of our history, the other half enjoys the epic Nordic style. In order to both please as many BATHORY fans as possible and satisfy ourselves as musicians, we would rather have waited some time before doing "Destroyer of Worlds" than instantly putting something out on the market we really wouldn't love to death six months later.

Have you begun recording yet?

No, we haven't begun recording yet. We'll begin this summer and hopefully have the album ready for release at the end of the summer. I have so much material written but as for now I do not know how many or which tracks will eventually end up on the final album.

Could you give us some song titles...?

Some of the titles I have ready for the album are these; Destroyer of Worlds, Crown of Thorns, Liberty & Justice, Death from Above, Kill Kill Kill, Obsculum Infame, Insecticide, Day of Wrath, White Bones, Bleeding, Paranoica, Symbolisimus, Fire Birth and 109. I don't know yet if all of these tracks will eventually end up on the final album. They may also have a slightly changed title once the album is released.

How about the lyrics, what topics do you deal with?

I pick up any topic that's interesting for the moment. I remember back in the old days how important it was to keep within a certain style or topic frame. It was either satanic, Viking or something else. I guess it is not all that necessary any more to be all that static to a certain topic. I have lyrics written about war, Christianity, modern society, mass murder, aeroplanes and an american death cult etc etc...sounds like cute stuff to me...

I know that BATHORY is just you and some friend playing the drums when it's time to record an album. What's the situation right now, is there a drummer who's involved in BATHORY right now or will you just call someone when it's time to record?

I have always said that BATHORY is like a fun thing to do every once in a while. BATHORY is like having a mistress, a hobby or whatever. We begin to listen to tapes of the material about a month or so before beginning to record the actual album. The material may change a lot while we're in the studio. But we do not spend every night of the week between the albums in a rehearsal place grinding the songs to dust. For the past 11 or 12 years it's been a two man project situation which I have no intention whatsoever to bring onto a stage or even further than what it's all about today. I am much too happy about the present situation.

Finally, The Animal asked me to say hi to you. Do you remember him...?

Seriously, I have absolutely no fucking idea who the hell "The Animal" is. Give me some clues. Is it a totally fucked fan or is it a particularly hellish pediculus pubis that got away.

OK, that's it. I would like to thank Quorthon for taking time to answer my questions!
Since the interview was done I have informed Quorthon about who The Animal is, so now he knows in case someone else ask him that question...
When it's time for "Destroyer Of Worlds" to be released, I hope I will be able to do a longer interview covering all sorts of topics, not just the new album. Time will tell...

The Twilight Webmaster

Interview with Quorthon, May 2001, taken from Twilight web-site.

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