Full Name

Quorthon Seth is all you're getting. It's a spiritual name, although not in the Christian sense, of course! It came from a list of evil demons. The three names used by members of the band (the others are bassist Kothaar and drummer Vvornth) were selected from that list.

Date of birth

I'm an Aquarius, and I was born in the mid-Sixties.

Place of birth

I crawled out from under a rock in a place that's South of Stockholm in Sweden.

Current home

I have a small apartment in the West of Stockholm; it takes about half-an-hour on the subway to the middle of town.

Three adjectives to describe yourself

Easy-going, intellectual and, at the moment, very hungry (he was in the process of devouring a pizza as this interview was being conducted!).

Instruments played

God, I've played the drums since I was about eight, and I've been playing guitar and bass since the age of 14. I've also been trying to play the flute - and not succeeding very well - the same with the cello and violin. And keyboards. I'm happiest, though, with the guitar; weight-wise, the bass is too heavy and I don't have too many muscles, whilst the drums make too much noise.

Who did you impersonate in front of the mirror?

I stood there with a tennis racket wearing my mum's platform shoes. I'd make a space costume out of cardboard and black dance tights. I painted my face, and along with a couple of classmates from school I used to set up these big cardboard boxes painted as Marshall stacks. We also had a drum kit - our only real instrument - plus a couple of projectors. We'd put coloured film over the lenses and then turn them on and off.
I guess I'd have to say it was Ace Frehley (former guitarist with Kiss, now with Frehley's Comet) whom I impersonated, because it was the guitar I picked up in the first place. Yeah, Mr. Spaceman, I suppose.

First vinyl appearance

I did something when I was six months old; it was in one of those boxes where you insert a coin and talk into the microphone. I still have it at home, but it doesn't sound like me at all!
The first serious thing I recorded was a track included on the 'Scandinavian Metal Attack' compilation LP put out in 1984.

Previous bands

Oh yeah, I started my first band when I was seven years old; they were called Yellow. We wrote the songs just five minutes before we recorded them on a tape recorder; we used empty biscuit tins as the drums!

Worst thing about you

Easy. If I decide to do something, it has to be done my way. Also, if another person comes up with an idea that's better than mine, it'll take me three weeks before I confess that it's better than the one I had.

Greatest thing you've ever done musically

I was very proud of the way 'A Fine Day To Die' (a track from the new Bathory LP 'Blood Fire Death', released through Under One Flag) turned out. At the time I wrote the song we'd intended to make 'BFD' a double album, and it was supposed to appear somewhere at the beginning of the fourth side. But then we decided to make it a single LP and we put it at the beginning of Side One, because it embodies everything that Bathory stands for right now.

Favourite musician (who plays your instrument)

Joe Perry (Aerosmith) or Steve Jones (ex-Sex Pistols/ Chequered Past), if we're talking about guitarists. If I have to pick a drummer it'd be 'Philthy' (Taylor, Motorhead) who laid the whole groundwork for Heavy Metal as we know it today. Bassist? Lemmy (Motorhead), of course, but it's not really my instrument.

Greatest piece of music you've ever heard

'Tristan Und Isolde', an eight hour opera by Richard Wagner.

Hobbies / interests

Drawing, writing, watching films, history, ancient culture, assembling plastic models and playing guitar whenever I feel like it.

Biggest phobia

None. I'm not afraid of heights, the dark, squares or anything like that.

Strange things you do in the privacy of your own home

I collect strange things; I collect all the empty cigarette packets I've ever had. I press them into mounds and pile them against the wall. There's mountains of them! I also collect Coke bottles from all over the world. Whenever I'm away I bring one back, so I've got about 100 now. I'll never get rid of them.

Most peculiar request from a fan

It was at L'Amour East, a rock club in New York; I was invited to see a bill that consisted of Possessed, At War and Slayer and lots of fans recognised me. We'd brought some posters and everybody ripped them out of our hands, except this one guy who was too late. Instead, he asked for the butt of a cigarette that I was smoking. That's the wierdest thing.

If you were a woman, who would you be?

What a stupid question! Certainly not your Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher...My favourite when I was a kid was Catwoman, the one who co-starred in the 'Batman' TV show back in the Sixties (played by Julie Newmar). Like me, she was obsessed with disguise and she roamed in the night...

Whose bath water would you most like to drink?

A new-born baby's, one that has just been bathed for the first time, that'd be okay. No sexual diseases, no make-up, no sweat or anything.

One thing about you that would surprise a RAW reader

That I listen to Classical music; and that I'm a vegetarian so I wouldn't be able to slaughter lambs on stage (as has been hinted in the past). The latter story all started back several years back, and it was a joke! I never meant it seriously; it's been exaggerated so much down the line that people now take it as being true!

Interview by Dave Ling, RAW! Magazine, 1988
Provided by Emmett Rees.
Taken from Twilight web-site.

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