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"Blood On Ice", the new album of Bathory, has absolutely nothing in common with their latest releases, vividly reminding of their older albums "Blood Fire Death" or "Hammerheart". You can find out that from Quorthon himself, but also other many details concerning Bathory and this new release.

This new Bathory album has immediately reminded me of "Hammerheart", the one the band released six years ago. Do you think that the style used on this two albums (and not only on them) best represents Bathory?

It's a different style, an epic version of heavy metal, a very well build style. On the other hand I can say that all along our career we met fans with different tastes and hereby I reffer especially to the fans of this epic metal type. Our two latest albums "Requiem" and "Octagon" have been typical death metal releases, so I thought that the fans deserve a new album of this kind.

What should we know about "Blood On Ice"?

Well, I think it would be ideal for you to read the booklet.

I read it, but I would like our readers to find out everything directly from you.

We put that booklet in there so that the one who listens can also read and find out what it is about. Because otherwise it would take about five hours to tell everything. But to shorten the story I can say that at the end of the eighties we started working on a project-to be more explicitit was about a conceptual album, the actual "Blood In Ice" -but in the end we decided that it wasn't the best thing for Bathory. The making of a conceptual album is a very risky business especially for a band like Bathory, I mean one has to make this album in such a way that it sounds like Bathory so we decided to drop this project and continue recording the usual albums like "Hammerheart" or "Twilight Of The Gods". Although our fans knew there is another material that could be turned into a new epic album and actually we also thought that we could resume the work to complete this material, to record a few additional parts on the guitar, and to remake it at 40% with the intention of releasing the album as a souvenir for our fans. And so"Blood on ice" was released.

What can you tell me about the promotion, will there be a live show?

I can tell you exactly the same thing that I have already told all the others who asked me when were planning to play live. I can say that we played live in Stockholm in 1983, '84 and the beginning of '85, then a radical change has come up in our music. What we had decided to play on the record could not be played live. Besides the thing with the gigs, tours seems quite tiring and boring to me, you know how it is, there are problems with money, the sound is bad, the lights too, and the clubs are not better either. You can hardly wait to go back home! And this fact has been confirmed to me by a lot of my friends who play in other bands. Even the ones from Black Mark were telling us: you are a bunch of lucky fellows because you don't have to tour!

I see, we've reached the last questions and the first of them concerns your solo career. Are we expecting a new Quorthon album this year?

Yes, I have a few plans of making a new solo album, but I don't know whether I'll have the necessary time. For the moment I have to deal with the promotion for "Blood On Ice"; two weeks in Europe and then a week both in Canada and the U.S., so that finally I can spend a week in London. When I return to Sweden in June I'll see whether I have enough time to record the new album. If I do it the album will probably be released in October.

Let's go back to Bathory, what is the "battle plan"?

Considering the fact that we released five albums in only fours years I think it's time for us to take a six-months' break and write an exceptional material for the next album, to do something we never did before and maybe to integrate influences we haven't explored before. Shortly I'd like us to do something different apart from black, death, epic or anything else of this style, it has to be something completely new.

That's all folks.

Interview from Heavy Metal Magazine #22, June 1996
Provided by Iulian Petrovici. Translated by Iulian Petrovici and Bogdan Gheoca.
Taken from Twilight web-site.
Little corrections by Blacky.

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