This band doesn't need an introduction! I am really honoured to have an interview with these death/black metal gods in my zine! Nothing more to say-let Quorthon speak......

When's the next album coming out?

If you are talking about the next album and meaning the fifth L.P., that is the one to be out after "Blood Fire Death", well in that case it will be recorded from second half of June onto the whole of July and it will probably be out the end of this summer. The album will be entitled "Hammerheart".

You think you have a stable line-up now?

Well, yes I think we do. I mean this line-up has been together now for three years this summer and I think it is good. A lot of bands don't last for three years......

Will you always be a real death/black metal band?

You can label us any way you want to label us. The important thing is that we produce and then I don't care whether people want to label us thrash or speed or black or doom or whatever ....I say Rock 'n' Roll.

Why have you never done a tour?

The reason why we haven't toured is of course due to the costs. Then you might say that any shit band can tour and do clubs and stuff, and I say well that's ok for them but not for us. We are gonna do a tour when we feel ready and when all of us in the band feel like we want to go out on tour.

You think you will play with a second guitarist some day?


What did Vvornth and Kothaar do before Bathory?

Vvornth played in a Stockholm Rock 'n' Roll band before he joined Bathory, then after he left school he studied classical music and he plays in a symphony orchestra (percussions) aside his playing in Bathory. Kothaar has played in a few bands before Bathory and he spends his time aside Bathory mostly in the army since he is a military freak (as well as I am but he is a military full-time).

Can you make a good living out of Bathory?

Sure, I live in an apartment in West of Stockholm right now. For a moment I was thinking of moving to USA or Germany but I have stayed back home in Sweden for a while now.

When will you have a big record deal?

What do you mean by a big record deal. Isn't it enough that we have all our albums released in the whole world, that we sell around 100,000 copies of an album and that we make a good living from the money we make. We have the most wonderful fans in the world and people all over this planet support us till death. As far as the record deal, there are bands who could both kill and die to have a deal like we do.

How old are the three members?

We are all between 20 and 23 years old.

What does your mother think of Bathory?

I don't know. I haven't talked to her for about 10 years or so.

Are you still fascinated by Elizabeth Bathory and why?

Well, I named the band after her simply because I thought that the life of Elizabeth (the dark desires of her) was just about I wanted this band to be all about when we started in 1983. Now everybody knows us and there is no use in changing the bands name just 'coz you might not deal with such lyrics as we did at that time six years ago.

You think you will ever stop with Bathory?

I certainly wouldn't want to go on for fifty years or so. I am not the one to say when Bathory should end. That's up to our fans.

Are you very popular in Sweden?

I have told the record company I do not want them to do any promotion on Bathory in Sweden at all. This is because I do not want Swedish zines to write about us or radio or TV to concern on us at all. This is because I know Sweden and it would all be taken wrong and it wouldn't do the band good at all.

You know many other bands?

I know a few but that is of no importance at all. We are friends on a different basis than from what people might think. Bands send me their new LP or demo and ask me to say what I think about them and so on. They want me to produce their next album and so on....

What are your favourite bands?

I listen to so much different stuff. I don't have any special fave bands at all. I listened to Kiss between 1973 and 1979 or so, from then on I did enjoy Motorhead a lot. I like Ozzy, Kate Bush, Hurricane, early Queen and most of all classical music such as Wagner, Bruckner, Sibelius, Samuel Barber, Beethoven, Chopin. But not Mozart and a lot of other shit, there is shit classical music as well as there is shit metal out there.

How many albums did you sell 'till now?

I don't know, maybe 400,000 or so, it is hard to say because the albums are sold all over the world and sometimes as import and not all the people in this business are to be trusted. I can never trust a figure of sale I estimate it myself to around 400,000 or so.

You like beer?

No, I don't drink alcohol anymore and I never drank beer, only konjak or good old bourbon.

What is the future of Bathory?

A new album called "Hammerheart" this summer, a video to be released with the new album this fall and then some other great stuff for all our fans out there......

Anything else to say?

Yes, all metals at heart, get a copy of our new LP "Blood Fire Death" ("Hammerheart" might be out by the time this zine is released, in that case, get a copy of "Hammerheart") and listen carefully, send me a letter of what you think, what you would want us to do in the future, what you would not want to see us do in the future and what you think is best with our albums. Remember, it is you the fans out there on whom we depend on. We would be nobody's if it wasn't you the fans. We love you, all we do is for you. When you are no more, we are dead. Stay united and may the northstar shine on you all (slimeball-E.M.), keep metal at heart!

Interview from Evoker Magazine, August 1989
Provided by Emmett Rees.
Taken from Twilight web-site.

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