Interviews with Quorthon

Twilight III

"Nordland II" is about to be released, so with that in mind, it's time to ask Quorthon a few questions about the "Nordland" albums... How was the response to Nordland I? Has it...
Source: Twilight (2003)

Death Metal Underground (external link)

Black metal and death metal legend Quorthon of Bathory took some time to answer our questions while he was busy recording the Nordland series of albums. Among all the interviews we've done...
Link to: Death Metal Underground (2002)


Nikola and Valsimoth over here, the editors of StorBerg, the first Montenegrin /Yugoslavia/ Heavy Metal zine (maybe a bit late but never too late). Being fans of your...
Source: Storberg (2002)

Hell Awaits

It's always great to talk with people like Quorthon, whom I could interview for another magazine around 1989, after the release of "Hammerheart" (by the way, the guy remembered...
Source: Hell Awaits (2001)

Menelaos Megariotis

After the release of two subsequent albums, 'Destroyer Of Worlds' and 'Katalog' (read more about them in the interview), we thought it was a real need to speak to Quorthon about...
Source: Menelaos Megariotis (2001)

Twilight II

A lot of people write to me and ask me about the new album. When it will be released and so on. To satisfie all the fans, including myself of course, who are waiting anxiously...
Source: Twilight (2001)

Twilight: Interview with "The Animal"

What many people don't know is that Bathory actually had a singer for about half a year in 1983, at the time when the band consisted of Ace Shoot (Quorthon) on guitar, Vans on drums...
Source: Twilight (2001)


There is not too much to say and write here. Quorton is the true LEGEND of Extreme Metal. Without him and his creature, Metal wouldn’t be the same and I’m sure of this. During this...
Source: Vampiria (2001)

Hell Awaits

After the recent release of his third "Jubileum" album, Mr. Quorthon, BATHORY's alma mater, is taking it easy. One can see in this interview that this Black metal veteran is outside...
Source: Hell Awaits (1998)

Twilight I

What's happening in the BATHORY camp at the moment? At the moment just about nothing. There are plans to begin recording a new album this spring of '98. But we have no recording...
Source: Twilight (1998) (external link)

Phone interview with Quorthon by CROMCarl (1997).
Link to:

Phone interview with Quorthon by Oliver Ueck (YouTube)

(Audio/Phone) Quorthon interviewed by Oliver Ueck in January 1997.

Kill Yourself !!!

Now here's something fucking fantastic, an interview with Quorthon of the almighty BATHORY. I was quite sure it would never come back and made it very short although I had much...
Source: Kill Yourself !!! (1997)

Tales Of The Macabre

A band like Bathory needs no introduction, so let's fuckin' start with the interview... What have you been doing since the release of "Blood On Ice"? Spending the money you earned...
Source: Tales Of The Macabre (1997)


I don't think I have to introduce Mr Q., but I will introduce his forthcoming creation, the solo album "Purity Of Essence", which is a double CD containing no less than 23 songs...
Source: Victim (1997)


Still Bathory is known as one of the most obstinate acts metal is worth. Everything is about one man, the mysterious Quorthon, who has made his sphere of work out of the studio. He has...
Source: Aardschok (1996)


The legend lives on... As I today look back upon my thirteen years as amateur reporter, it's not without a certain amount of pride I can claim myself to be one of the first to notice...
Source: Backstage (1996)


The Bathory fans can be divided into four categories... those who wants this old '80s Satan stuff, and they are more or less gone, maybe they are jerking off to the old songs. Then...
Source: Heathendoom (1996)

Heavy Metal

"Blood On Ice", the new album of Bathory, has absolutely nothing in common with their latest releases, vividly reminding of their older albums "Blood Fire Death" or "Hammerheart". You can find out...
Source: Heavy Metal (1996)


The "Blood on Ice" album fascinated me, that's why I wanted to discuss with Quorthon. Even I've recieved the answers a little bit later, I think that my choice is a good one. Let's see.
Source: Kogaionon (1996)

Live On London Radio

This interview was taken from a bootleg I own. It was originally aired on radio. I spent many long hours writing every word that was said. If you are interested in obtaining the...
Source: Live On London Radio (1996)

Nordic Vision

The English man who did that documentary interviewed me in London in 1987. He asked precisely about that since he is a syndicalist, a communist, it's the same. I believe I had just...
Source: Nordic Vision (1996)

Rock Brigade

Every musical style has always a tamer who makes History and is the responsible for its first steps. With Venom and Hellhammer, Bathory seeded some of the most promissory seeds of...
Source: Rock Brigade (1996)


Never let it be said that Bathory have not paid the price for being among the most influential Metal bands ever. Anything Quorthon does is guaranteed to disappoint somebody, or so...
Source: Terrorizer (1996)

Grimoire Of Exalted Deeds

Quorthon, legendary originator of Bathory, and, if I may dare to say, "Black Metal," has emerged from his aura of mystery to grant interviews to a multitude of publications. This...
Source: Grimoire Of Exalted Deeds (1996)


It's Friday, the phone rings. "Hi, it's Quorthon. What's the weather like in Stockholm?" I hear a voice saying. Well, the weather wasn't very good, but the interview was all the better...
Source: Victim Magazine (1996)


Hail Quorthon... How are you doing this eve? - I'm fine though I' ve just had some sort of shit going on with my throat, it goes with the season ... cold winds and icy winds nowadays...
Source: Descent (1995)

Backstage #24

In connection with the release of the first solo album Quorthon told me, in #22, that there would probably not be any more Bathory albums. It didn't take many weeks after our chat before...
Source: Backstage (1994)

Backstage #22

"Album" is the title of one of this years biggest surprises on the album market. Behind it stands none other than Quorthon, who at the age of 28 recently released his first solo...
Source: Backstage (1994)


Shrouded in mystery, the classic Swedish death/speed/gloom/epic metal band Bathory has used it's media-given enigma to build what many have come to know as the most evil band on...
Source: G.A.S.P. (1994)

Heavy Metal

With the supprt of the Black Mark label I've got the permission to make an interview with one of the legendary characters of world rock-QUORTHON-exclusively for the readers of...
Source: Heavy Metal (1994)


As somone regarded as one of the forefathers of Black Metal, do you take any responsibility for the current violence the movement has generated? Look, when the first Bathory line-up...
Source: Ultrakill (1994)

Headbangers Ball (Video)

Video interview for MTV, Headbangers Ball.
Source: (1992)


The Swedish Vikings in Bathory leaves noone untouched!!! What Swedish Metal band did first release five studio LPs? The Stockholm combo BATHORY. Many of our readers are probably...
Source: Backstage (1990)


"I am not a Viking-Satanist thug nor am I a bloodsucking vampire. I have never eaten a small child, although I admit I was once very close to becoming a teenage alcoholic." Shock...
Source: Kerrang! (1990)


This band doesn't need an introduction!! I am really honoured to have an interview with these death/black metal gods in my zine!! Nothing more to say-let Quorthon speak... When's...
Source: Evoker (1989)

Loud Zine

The man himself, Quorthon of Bathory - Scandinavian king of total death metal. A daunting prospect awaited as I braved all pre-conceptions and tookup the 'phone (in between power...
Source: Loud Zine (1988)

Morbid Mag

Here is a man that actually needs no introduction. He has many times been criticized for being egotistic, but that is a great way to get things the way you want, right? And as long as...
Source: Morbid (1988)


Full Name -Quorthon Seth is all you're getting. It's a spiritual name, although not in the Christian sense, of course! It came from a list of evil demons. The three names used by members...
Source: RAW! (1988)

Metal Forces

Bernard Doe meets the mysterious Quorthon as Bathory rid themselves of their satanic image. Bathory first came to the attention of the world's metal underground hordes when they...
Source: Metal Forces (1987)

Metal Hammer

As most of you will be aware, Under One Flag is a thrash offshoot of the Music for Nations label. They've released plenty of products lately, notable albums from Holy Terror and...
Source: Metal Hammer (1987)

Power Metal

Stranger Than Strange - Bathory thrives on mystery. Let's face it, any group that's released three albums and hasn't yet told anyone exactly who is in the band likes to play their rock and roll cards close...
Source: Power Metal (1987)

Hard Rock Magazine

Better deny your homeland than black metal! So has decided Swedish band Bathory by neglecting his own country, too arid for the furious black thrash metal. The band has found...
Source: Hard Rock Magazine (1987)

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